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Hanmi Healthcare is able to realize the value of its customers with its facility infrastructure / best facilities, which are built on various experiences


Manufacture Facility

We will make every effort to maximize the competitiveness of our customers with the highest quality that customers need, reasonable price, and precise delivery date, based on the company's own equipment process

  • sterilization
  • Homogenizing
  • Save
  • Charge
  • Date Printer
  • Straw Attach
  • Packing
  • Carrying

SterilizationSterilization equipment Steam Infusion Type reach 150 degrees in 1/5 second

HomogenizingAseptic Homogenizer is carried out at a homogeneous pressure 400 to 600 bar

Storage Storage at aseptic tank

FillerSeptic filling Whole Soymilk liquid into pack

Date PrinterPrint expiration date on the product

Staw StickingStick straw on the product

PackagingPackaging equipment for 24pk, 30pk, 40pk and gift packing

RobotizerEquipment for the automatic loading of packaged goods into pallets



Various patents and certificates such as KFDA approved Health Functional Food GMP certificate show the quality of Hanmi Healthcare’s technology

Introduction of patent and certificate
Division Registration Number Name
HACCP 2015-3-8213 High Nutrition Contents Food for Patients
HACCP 2015-3-8211 Patents
HACCP 2015-0542 Milk
HACCP 2015-5654 Soymilk
Patent(2014-06) 10-1409967 Method of producing Whole Soybean Milk having improved storage stability
Patent(2012-09) 10-1185530 Whole Soymilk manufacturing equipment
Patent(2012-06) 10-1160149 Manufacture method of Whole Soymilk and Tofu through multi-step micro-compression of soybeans.
Patent(2008-06) 10-0836755 Process for the production of Whole Soymilk and Tofu by multi-step ultra-high pressure homogenization of soybean
Patent(2008-04) 10-0822165 Manufacture method of Whole Soymilk and Tofu
Patent(2005-12) 0537257 Manufacture method of Whole Soymilk
Patent(2005-08) 0516736 Manufacturing equipment of Whole Soymilk


OEM / ODM product

We are striving to provide customers with health and happiness through continuous innovation and R&D

  • Lotte FoodLotte FoodCalcium Soymilk, Chocolate Soymilk, Strawberry Soymilk, Ive Apple, Orange Beveragesize180ml, 190mlpackage16pk*4set (gift box), 24입(tray)
  • EromEromBlackbean, Blackbean High Calcium, Blackbean&Black Sesame Soymilksize190mlpackage16pk*4set(gift box),20pk(gift box),24pk(gift box),24pk(tray)
  • Woongjin FoodWoongjin FoodBlackbean Soymilk, Apple, Grape, Orange Beveragesize185ml, 190mlpackage16pk*4set(gift box),40pk carton box
  • Konkuk MilkKonkuk MilkSterilized Milk, High Calcium Soymilk, Black Sesame Soymilksize150ml,190ml, 200mlpackage16pk*4set(gift box),24pk(tray)
  • NonghyupNonghyupBudding Blackbean Soymilk, Budding Bean High Calcium Soymilksize190mlpackage16pk*4set(gift box),24pk*3set(gift box)
  • BobsnuBobsnuYakong Soymilksize190mlpackage16pk*4set(gift box),24pk*3set(gift box)
  • CJCJApple Juicesize140mlpackage24pk(tray)
  • Korea Medical FoodsKorea Medical FoodsSpecial foods for patients Miniwell Banana, Sweet Potatosize150mlpackage24pk(tray)
  • Seoul MilkSeoul MilkApple Juice, Blackbean&Walnut Almond Soymilksize190mlpackage16pk*4set(gift box),20pk*3set(gift box),24pk(tray)
  • Product export to ChinaProduct export to ChinaBanana Milksize200mlpackage16pk*4set(gift box)

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