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Whole Soymilk

made using 100% soybean. Richer and Savory taste


Whole Soymilk

made using 100% Soybeans!
preserves richer taste than conventional soymilk! sterile packing system!
Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing Technology and Packaging System

  • Whole Soymilk Trademark'전두유'.'全두유','全豆乳' trademark are registered trademarks of Hanmi Healthcare(own at least 10 other relevant trademarks)
  • Whole Soymilk Technology Patent RegistrationsWhole Soymilk Technology Patent Registrations7 registered patents
  • Whole Soymilk TechnologyWhole Soymilk TechnologyPreserves richer taste than conventional soymilk

Key Features

Whole Soymilk Technology

made using entire soybean including nutrient-rich bean dregs

Remarkable Nutrient Transfer
Superior nutritional comtent compared to conventional soymilk
Ingredient Whole soymilk conventional soymilk
Protein 84.3 46.1
Fat 85.2 48.5
Saccharide 100.1 33.2
Oligosaccharide 79.4 47.7
Didtaryfiber 102.5 35.4
Vitamin E 75.5 38.9
Isoflavone 72.9 47.9
Phytic Acid 91.5 54.3

Reference : Whole Soymilk produced by enzymatic solubilization of soymilk residue, and its nutritional properties.
Korea Food Research Institute/Korea Soybean Digest,19(1):8-18(2002)

Remarkable Nutrient TransferSuperior nutritional comtent compared to conventional soymilk

Whole soymilk VS conventional soymilk
Comparison of preparation of whole soymilk and conventional soymilk
division Whole soymilk conventional soymilk
soybeans nutrition Beans 100% Partial loss of soybean (nutrition loss)
  • Hanmi's own micro homogenization manufacturing method
  • 7 patent registrations
  • Eco-friendly production

Whole Soymilk is made by Hanmi's own no waste micro homogenization manufacturing method

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