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KEIDAS + RFID is a total SCM solution that safely manages the total delivery process of medicines from domestic pharmaceutical companies to hospitals and pharmacies


The KEIDAS + RFID solution is able to retrieve the distribution history of all products produced by Hanmi Pharmaceuticals, helping us to create a system that can accurately deliver products to hospitals and pharmacies. The application was awarded the “RFID Best Practice Award” at RFID Journal Live in Orlando, USA 2013, recognizing its superiority in the market. The cloud based system enhances the efficiency of production, distribution and return of products in the industry

Platform Suite

  • EPC Information ServiceThis field adaptive intelligent software and standard platform integrates production information through the generation of RFID and a barcode

  • Bulk Data ProcessorA statistical platform that processes large amounts of data

  • Serial Number ProvisioningA platform that systematically assigns and manages unique serial numbers for product serialization

  • Rich User InsightA dashboard solution platform that provides a variety of user interests (production, sales, inventory, history, etc.) through RIA A technology

  • Supply Chain ExecutorA platform that manages supply chain tasks such as order, production, delivery, and shipment at the unit level by linking Legacy and field systems

  • Common Edge ApplicationAn application platform that supports production and delivery work in the field (including edge middleware)

  • IntegratorAn integrative middleware platform that manages information sharing with the Legacy System, field applications, trading partners, and government agencies, such as the ERP

  • e-Pedigree On DemandA platform that provides e-pedigree service according to GS1 NCeP and DPMS standards to determine the authenticity of the product


  • RFID/Barcode Data ManagementEnable work management operations and RFID and barcode data utilizing the EPCIS Repository

  • KEIDAS Platform SuiteGS1 complies with EPCglobal EPCIS, the RFID/barcode standard code structure and information sharing interface standards

  • Real-Time Data SharingShares various information among vendors in real time, such as ordering, consignment production information between manufacturers, -CMO/CPOs, pre-shipment information between manufacturers and retailers, and inventory information

  • Mandatory ComplianceAble to respond to compliance requirements required by government agencies such as food/pharmaceuticals

  • SerializationAble to sort the numbering rule by manufacturer and product; and can issue a serial number by field application at run time

  • Plug & PlayQuick customization allows instant field application and provides a basic Quick Starter Kit for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Supply Chain ExecutionAble to link ERP, MES, WMS, and other Legacy systems and field devices as well as perform production, delivery, inventory, and shipping business at the unit level

  • Global Traceability & e-PedigreeTracks the distribution history of a specific product and supports GS1 Event based pedigree as well as DPMS


  1. Create and encode serial number for each item at the factory
  2. Designate recipient for each item leaving the factory
  3. confirm receving and shipping of items at the wholesalers
  4. confirm receving and selling of items at the retailers

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