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Privacy policy


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Privacy Policy

By submitting the question through this website, Hanmi Healthcare, Inc. (hereafter “Company”) may collect personal information directly provided by the users as follows

  1. The user has the right to refuse the collection and use of unnecessary and unrequired personal information upon this Privacy Policy agreement.
    • Collect and use of personal information (required)
      Personal information to be collected Purpose of collection Retention period of personal information
      Name, phone number, email Response to the user’s question (General questions) 1 year after the purpose achieved
      (Complaints and dispute resolution) 3 years after the purpose achieved
  2. The questions submitted through this website will be kept as follows.
    • General questions will be maintained for 1 year from the submission date and deleted after the period in an unrestorable way
    • Complaints and dispute resolution will be maintained for 3 years from the submission date and deleted after the period in an unrestorable way
  3. The Company designates the following person in charge of Privacy Policy in order to protect personal information of customers and deal with complaints from customers.
    • Daesu Jeong, Director
    • Phone number: 02-410-0569
    • Email: daesu99@hanmi.co.kr
  4. The users may raise any Privacy Policy complaints occurring while use of the Company’s service against the person in charge of Privacy Policy. The Company will take measures without dealy


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