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HMP will strategically implement services to provide both physicians and patients a win-win solution with the goal of an upgraded healthcare platform

Latest Medical Information

HMP is a professional portal to provide doctors and pharmacists with valuable information

  • Medical / Pharmaceutical InformationDrug search, disease code, medical journal search and downloads availableKIMS 2.0 | Medical Journal | 저널자료실 | Patient Education
  • Latest Clinical LecturesWatch or book the latest real-time online clinical lectures (mobile available)Live Symposium
  • Mileage BenefitsAsk questions and get answers from other doctors and Knowledge Sponsors about hospital management, prescription, medical care, etcKnowledge Q&A
  • Insurance Audit ConsultingFree 1 on 1 consulting on insurance claim reviewInsurance Review Column | Insurance Review

Cultural events and Attractions for Doctors

HMP is promoting creativity and development seeking the synergies and cooperation of doctors, pharmacists, and academic societies

  • Photo Culture SpaceThe online culture events for doctors in associated with the Hanmi Photography Museum. Register for professional photo classes at Photography AcademyPhotography Contest | Photography Academy | Challenge! Photo Mission
  • Latest Lifestyle ContentsWhat’s in patients’ mind? What’s the latest physician lifestyle outside clinicCard Story
  • Pharmaceutical Talk Column CornerA variety of topics such as hospital administration from other doctors’ perspective, communication with patients and common sense in medicineA Doctor in the Neighborhood

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