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Read More & Better !

Read More & Better!

RF PRISMA is an optimal bluetooth-based reader with a powerful output of up to 7 meters and 30dBm that collectively recognizes a large number of mixed-tagged tags. It is also 220 grams lighter in weight and smaller in size


  • Embedded 4.1 Bluetooth (SPP/iAP2)Bluetooth 4.1 technology is applied

  • Excellent recognition distance and powerful outputOptimized linear emission and powerful output of 30dBm provide up to seven meters of sensing range

  • Superior reading speedUp to 300 tags per second can be collectively recognized with a cutting edge reading chip (Max 300 TPS)

  • Ultra-lightweightWeighs less than 220g

  • Biotechnical designThe ergonomic instrument design provides a comfortable grip when used and creates a soft working atmosphere in the store


구분 내용
주파수 865~868MHz , 미주형 902~928MHz (국가별 주파수대역 설정 가능)
리더칩셋 임핀지 Indy R2000 Gen2
중량 220g
사이즈 171mm(L) x 117mm(W) x 40mm(D)
출력 최고출력 30dBm
인식거리 최대 7m
블루투스 Bluetooth 4.1 Classic/SPP/iAP2(MFi)
메모리 8Mbit 내장 메모리 탑재
사운드 3단 조정 beep음
컬러 Red & Grey / White

SDK Download

SDK(Software Develop Kit)

  • Using the SDK provided by Hanmi Healthcare, you can develop your own application
  • The demo program can be used as a guide for your solution

SKD Download

Old model (RF-BLASTER)

BLE FirmwareBT3.0 Firmware

  • The new firmware is blaster.
  • RFID Module Command for RF micron sensor tag was applied
  • If the TID length is out of the specified range during the inventory with TID, the data cannot be acquired. Therefore, only the EPC data is transmitted to the host
  • RF Micron’s Carrier wave time setting for Sensor Tag Reading was added
    1. Demo Application was provided for Android and iPhone
    2. A demo to use the Reading Command for using the tag sensor was added
    3. An iOS and Android SDK reference guide was applied
  • In the Android SDK, the packaged name was edited to “com.hanmiit”
    1. Original : android:name="com.atid."
    2. Change : android:name="com.hanmiit."
    3. Edit : RF Prisma SDK Program Guide for Android v.0.4 (Kor & Eng), page 25

    ※ For Android developers, please refer to page 25 of “RF Prisma SDK Program Guide for Android (Kor) v0.4” when applying this release version, and at least one “android; name =” com. Atid.” “Android: name -” com.hanmiit.’ The search / replace function simply ends the work, and the Android sample App and Sensor Tag Sample have been rebuilt as well

  • Add SDK interface related to the barcode setting
    - Changed the settings for various barcodes, including Data Matrix inverse option to be configurable int he Demo App
  • Install iOS Demo app Link (iPhone Safari connection required in iPhone app)

    iOS Demo app

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